Systemic Disease and the Skin

Systemic Disease and the Skin


Pruritis or itchy skin is a sensation that makes a person want to scratch. This condition may be a result of dry skin, pregnancy, other skin conditions or cancer.

Risk Factors:

Individuals suffering from certain medical conditions are at a higher risk of being affected by Pruritis

  • Diabetes
  • Seasonal allergies & Fever
  • Asthma
  • Pregnant Women

Tips to Prevent Pruritis:

  • Use moisturizing lotions to prevent dryness
  • Use Sunscreens with higher SPF to prevent sun damage
  • Shower with warm water and not hot water
  • Avoid fabrics that irritate your skin

Nutrition Disorders of Skin

Follicular Hyperkerotosis:

It occurs as a result of deficiency of Vitamin A. It is a skin condition in which the follicles get clogged with plugs of keratin. It typically develops on the back of the hands or front of thighs


Xeroderma is a condition in which skin feels dry or rough

Elephant Skin or Pachyderma

Elephant Skin or Pachyderma is a disorder that starts off with rough skin on the back of the hands and spreads to the entire body. This condition is typically seen in young boys.
Tropical Ulcers are chronic ulcers that occur in people living in hot & damp climates.

Pigmentary Changes or Colors:

Poor nutrition can also change the skin color. Most affected parts are those exposed to sunlight or affected by friction

Hepatic Disorders

Cutaneous manifestations or skin disorders in people with hepatic or live conditions may include:

  • Pruritis
  • Spider Angiomas
  • Xanthelasmas
  • Pigmentary changes
  • Nutritional Deficiencies

Skin abnormalities may be the first sign of a serious underlying liver condition. Knowing these can be crucial for early diagnosis and better management.